NYMAAC: The New Class

NYMAAC has had an impressive influx of new members this academic year. Some graduated last May and came to us straight from their collegiate chapters. Others graduated years ago and just recently moved to the NY metro area. Yet others have been in NYC for a while and have now come into the fold. Whatever the circumstances, we’re happy they’ve found NYMAAC! Here’s a few of them!

Sarah VivianiSarah Viviani, Gamma Tau (Towson University) ’14, moved back home to Bergen County, NJ last May where she is now a special education teacher.  She attended her first NYMAAC event in October and has been a mainstay since. Sarah says, “Even though I grew up here, NYMAAC has made me fall in love with the New York metro area all over again because I get to experience it with Brothers!

Rebecca HoRebecca Ho, Beta Lambda (American University) ’12, works in criminal justice investigating allegations of misconduct against the NYPD, and lives in Great Kills, Staten Island, where she grew up. She first joined us at the Shake Shack last June and has this to say about our happy hours: “Continuing to be a part of PSP, joining NYMAAC, and attending happy hour events ensures I won’t be the nerdiest person in the bar!

Abigail PurcellAbigail Purcell, Delta Alpha (Rochester Institute of Technology) ’03, moved to Astoria, Queens last August and just joined us for her first event, a Page & Popcorn discussion and viewing of Children of Men, last month. She’s a full-time graduate student at Pratt Institute studying information and library science. Abby says, “One thing I love about living in New York is all the FOOD. One thing I hate is all the garbage on the ground, EVERYWHERE.

Sarah CoxSarah Cox, Gamma Tau (Tulane University) ’14, is a masters student at NYU studying statistics, and lives in the East Village. She moved here in August, and then joined us for her first event in September, a trip to Smorgasburg in Central Park (which turned into a trip to Dallas BBQ when the event was full to capacity). She says NYMAAC eased her transition to a new place: “Moving to New York was tough, and I’m so thankful for NYMAAC for giving me an immediate group of people to reach out to when I first got here!

Jasmine BriggsJasmine Briggs, Beta Mu (The George Washington University) ’04, is a native New Yorker and returned here after college in 2005,  now living in Washington Heights. Jasmine is a freelance career coach and a career counselor at a business college in NYC, and she also develops and facilitates workshops on related topics.  She came to her first event in August, and says, “Making NYC feel like home is all about finding a community, and I am very happy to have found the NYMAAC tribe.

Dave ChesnickDave Chesnick, Delta Chi (Lehigh University) ’07, is one of our newest transplants, having just moved here in February. His face may look familiar as he’s lived in the NY metro area in the past and attended NYMAAC events before. His first event since returning was our monumental March happy hour at Pioneers Bar. Dave lives in Murray Hill and works in the energy industry.

Sue YousifSue Yousif, Alpha Theta (Rutgers University) ’07, joined us in January for our NJ happy hour in New Brunswick and has attended almost every event since. She lives in Hoboken and is a self-described “Tea and Herbal Ninja” for a company that sells teas, botanicals, and extracts. “There are few people that I, a strict vegetarian for nearly 10 years, would truly enjoy going to Texas BBQ with,” she says, “and my beloved NYMAAC Brothers are those people.

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