Holiday Fun with NYMAAC

Happy New Year, Brothers! Now that the rush of the holidays has come to a close and we have turned over a new leaf to begin 2016, let’s take the time to recap all of the awesome things NYMAAC did to celebrate the holiday season. On December 8th, we held our holiday dinner at The Parlour on the Upper West Side. We celebrated each other’s company over dinner, drinks, and conversation. As per tradition, we held our annual White Elephant gift exchange. This year’s gifts included a Mensch on a Bench, a selfie stick, Baconopoly, and other fun items. Our exchange was friendly overall, but that doesn’t mean that we completely neglected the art of stealing this year.

In addition to gift-giving amongst ourselves, we gave the gift of play to the children of Northern New Jersey through our annual donation to Toys for Tots. This year, we were able to collect an awesome 23 toys! Way to go, NYMAAC! Our donations took a trip on a  collection train that made several stops throughout Northern New Jersey on December 12th.

Finally, we celebrated this past holiday season with a new event. On December 17th, we saw the production of ELF the Musical at The Theater at Madison Square Garden. Thanks to everyone who came out to spend time with us over the holidays and Happy New Year to all! 2016 will be a great one!

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