Your 2016-2017 Executive Board


NYMAAC member Chelsea Julius (Alpha Theta ’15) joins the e-board as Secretary

As you may have read, 2015-2016 was a banner year for NYMAAC, culminating in being named the Most Outstanding Alumni Chapter at National Convention over the summer. What makes NYMAAC so outstanding is all of our members who come to events, support their collegiate chapters, give to the Foundation, continue living the Tripod, and make their voice heard by casting their vote in our annual NYMAAC Executive Board elections. Whether you voted or not, you may be interested to know about the crack team that will be endeavoring to Keep NYMAAC Awesome in the 2016-2017 term.

First, we’re thrilled to welcome our newest e-board member Chelsea Julius, 2015 graduate of the Alpha Theta Chapter (Rutgers University) who attended her first NYMAAC event this past September (BROwling)! Chelsea joins us as Secretary.

Next, we have a lot of shifting around going on, because our e-board members are so multi-talented:

  • Andrew Berman (Beta Epsilon ’02) returns to the role of Communications Coordinator after four years doing recruitment.
  • Replacing Andrew in the Recruitment Coordinator role is Michael Covin (Alpha Theta ’09), who just spent a year planning our social events.
  • Former NYMAAC President Jonathan Chin-Shepard (Beta Pi ’00) returns to the e-board after a two-year break to serve as our Social Coordinator.
  • Returning to the role of Service Coordinator is Courtney Pike (Beta Epsilon ’08).
  • Taking on the position of Inter-Chapter Relations Coordinator is recent Secretary Hillary Nicoll (Alpha Theta ’10).
  • Founding member and former President Alex Spirer (Beta Epsilon ’99) continues in her role as Historian.

Beta Epsilon = Syracuse University; Beta Pi = University of Connecticut.


NYMAAC e-board member Sarah Viviani (Gamma Pi ’14) is our new President

Another exciting development is we have a new President! Gamma Pi Chapter (Towson University) 2014 alumna Sarah Viviani, whom you may remember being profiled in last year’s NYMAAC: The New Class blog post, has ascended the treacherous NYMAAC ladder to our highest office. Sarah came to her first NYMAAC event two years ago next month, and we couldn’t be more ecstatic to be ruled by her iron fist.

Lastly, we say heartfelt goodbyes and thank yous to our three e-board members who are leaving us. We blow a kiss to our outgoing Service Coordinator Marissa Gernett (Alpha Pi ’08). We scream tearful farewells to California, which is where former Inter-Chapter Relations Coordinator Sue Yousif moved to in May. Most of all, we fall over ourselves with gratitude to outgoing President Kate McConnell, Pursuer of Awesome, who began her term as Vice President of Alumni Development on Phi Sigma Pi’s National Council in July.

Come meet our e-board, and all our Brothers, at an event soon!

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