Leadership in Action in NYC

NYMAAC celebrated its 16th anniversary with a bit of brunch, a bit of service, and a bit of Leadership in Action. “Giving Constructive Feedback,” facilitated by National Council member Kate McConnell (Gamma Phi Chapter ’07), was NYMAAC’s first local LiA module. This continues a tradition (SOME TRADITIONS ARE GOOD) of firsts at NYMAAC Founders Day celebrations: last year at our 15th anniversary we inducted our first honorary member, and five years ago we awarded our first Chapter Service Key to chapter founder Alex Spirer (Beta Epsilon ’99).

After brunch at Mezze in Hell’s Kitchen, we convened at the apartment of National Council member Patrick Herron (Alpha Epsilon Chapter ’96) and Jonah Nigh (NYMAAC ’16). Over coffee and cookies, Kate led us through the module, encouraging us to share how we give feedback to our colleagues, and how we can improve using the techniques defined in the LiA materials. “Giving Constructive Feedback” was an excellent choice for NYMAAC’s first Leadership in Action experience, focusing on a skill that everyone could stand to fine tune, collegiate and alumni Brothers alike. One busy person among many in that room, I really appreciated the opportunity to sit down and work on myself. We talked about real issues we were having both at our jobs and in our community work, and we helped each other find solutions and grow.

After the module, we were all 6 Leadership in Action points richer, and we paid that forward by creating some HOBY Hugs. We decorated the backs of index cards with inspirational messages, the fronts of which will be inscribed with notes to HOBY participants. Get a glimpse of our handiwork in the photo collage below, along with shots from our Leadership in Action experience, and Patrick’s lunch (courtesy of Patrick).


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