NYMAAC’s Grand Chapter 2017 delegation

This past weekend, NYMAAC sent 10 Brothers to Washington, DC to represent us at the 2017 Phi Sigma Pi National Convention. Sarah Viviani and Hillary Nicoll were our delegates; Chelsea Julius, Michael Covin, and Andrew Berman kept them entertained from the Peanut Gallery; Patrick Herron and Kate McConnell made us proud from their seats on the dais with the rest of the National Council; Kathryn Lieber represented the Greater Boston Alumni Chapter (GBAC) as their alternate delegate; and Alex Spirer and Jonah Nigh joined us for the weekend.

Those of you who were following along on Twitter already know the skinny, but here’s the rundown of happened at Grand Chapter:

  • Amendment 4 passed, reducing the National Council from 8 to 7 members, eliminating the 4 specialized “Vice President of ___ Development” roles, and replacing them with 3 general Vice President of Development positions. This change will take effect at the next election
  • Plurality voting was adopted (amendment 5), the sanction appeal process was updated (amendments 8 and 9), and a section on National Awards eligibility was added (amendment 10)
  • HOBY (Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership) was officially adopted as Phi Sigma Pi’s National Philanthropy after a 2-year period of trial partnership.

After a long and vibrant debate over amendment 1, in which first-timers got a crash course in Roberts Rules of Order, Grand Chapter business went pretty quickly, and we closed the 2017 Grand Chapter business meeting a record 4 hours early at 1pm on Friday. We were treated to some pool time, a few rounds of our new favorite game Anomia, and an alumni happy hour at Bar Louie hosted by our friends in the Capital Alumni Chapter.

At the Phi Sigma Pi Foundation annual membership meeting on Saturday, NYMAAC members were excited to learn that our very own Jonah Nigh had been appointed to the Foundation Board of Directors. Jonah is a professional fundraiser, and a brilliant person, so he’ll make a great addition to the board, as indeed he already has with his feedback on the capital campaign that was presented at the meeting. Jonah Goodman was reelected to the board, so the Foundation Board now has the proper amount of Jonahs.

In Leadership in Action news, our own Patrick Herron and Kate McConnell became LiA certified by accumulating 75 points, and Sarah Viviani and Michael Covin joined the Leadership Advancement Society, maintaining their commitment to LiA post-certification by earning 10 points this past year.

NYMAAC and Capital

NYMAAC and Capital Alumni Chapter share the honor of winning the 2017 Outstanding Alumni Chapter award. And look, it’s Gene Seevers!

We got dressed in our finery Saturday night and staked our claim on the perfect table from which to watch Phi Sigma Pi’s 55th Annual Banquet and Awards Presentation. A highlight of the evening for us was being awarded twin Outstanding Alumni Chapter awards with Capital Alumni Chapter. We also got to cheer as Kelsey Flynn and Kathryn Lieber went up to receive the Greater Boston Alumni Chapter’s charter after 10 years of alumni association status. An atmosphere of mirth and fellowship built all evening long as deserving chapters went up to collect awards following descriptions of the innovative and impressive work they’d done to earn them, culminating in the presentation of the Torchia Outstanding Chapter award to Alpha Lambda Chapter at Temple University. Little did we know that it wasn’t over yet. A Distinguished Service Key was awarded to president emeritus Jonah Goodman after we watched a heartwarming video featuring testimonials from Brothers who worked with Jonah over the years. The room was overwhelmed with joy and pride as we honored our Brother who served on National Council for ten years.


GBAC’s Kelsey Flynn, NYMAAC’s Kathryn Lieber, and BMAAC birthday girl Janine Mohlhenrich

NYMAAC felt especially like winners this year, not only because we got to take home an award, but also because we got to take home Kathryn Lieber. After four years in Boston, most of which were spent working hard on getting GBAC chartered, Kathryn moved home to NYC and started a new job two days before heading down to DC for Convention. We’re happy to have her, and we’re happy we got to spend five days in Washington, DC with all of our favorite people. See you next year in Phoenix!

Andrew Berman


About nymaac

The New York Metro Area Alumni Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi national co-ed honor fraternity.
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